• Meervaart location: approximately 11,000 m2 gross floor area
  • De Os (Fly-Inn & Residential care block): approximately 12,000 m2 gross floor area
  • SDK (retail facilities and dwellings): approximately 66,000 m2 gross floor area

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MRP Development’s project comprises three locations:

  1. SDK location 
  2. De Os
  3. (a part of) the Meervaart

With these three projects, MRP Development will be contributing to the upgrading of Osdorpplein. Beginning with the development of dwellings and retail facilities on the SDK location.

The ‘De Os’ location is being partially maintained; the residential care homes remain and new ones will also be added. The street comes a bit further forward, with a vibrant shopping street with restaurants, retail facilities, a pavilion and the entrance to the new city desks. The Meervaart location consists of the development of a hotel, retail and leisure facilities and, together with the De Os location, it can contribute to a new shopping location.